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Pacman::Pacman() {      //constructon
 b=Board::instance();   //get the instance of the board
 g=new G_Pacman;  //a new one
 supertime=0;           //supertime must be set to zero

Pacman::~Pacman() {     //destructor
delete g;

void Pacman::start() {
 x=PACX;          //set it's initial coordinates
 st=normal;       //set status to normal
 d=still;         //direction is still
 try_d=right;           //face right
 supertime=0;           //supertime must be set to zero

int Pacman::is_dead() { //is pacman dead?
 return st==dead;

void Pacman::die(Gamedata *da) {    //let pacman die a life
 st=dead;                     //status is dead
 da->livesdwn();              //decrement a life

int Pacman::getsupertime() {  //get the remaning time pacman is super
return supertime;}

int Pacman::is_super() {      //is pacman super?
return st==super; }

void Pacman::draw(void) {     //specific draw for pacman
 g->draw(x,y,d,try_d);  //draw pacman direction it was going and was tried

GID_TYPE Pacman::getgid() {
return g->getgid(d,try_d);

void Pacman::getxy(int *xx,int *yy) {

int Pacman::go(direction dd,Gamedata *da) {//what direction to try to move it
typ w;                              //what's at new coordinates
int i=1;    //this i is returned: it is whether pacman moved or not.
int xx,yy;  //possible next coordinates
if (dd!=none) try_d=d=dd;//if a direction!=none given, set the two directions
if (st==dead) {   //if pacman died
d=still;          //then actual moving direction is still 
return 0;         //and return not moved
switch (st) {
 case super: {          //if super
  if (supertime)  //if supertime is > 0
   supertime--;   //decrement supertime
   st=normal;     //if supertime is zero then status is normal
} break;
 case normal: break;

next(&xx,&yy,d,x,y);    //compute next coordinates
w=b->what_is(xx,yy);    //what's at new coordinates

switch (w) {            //if it's
 case classSpecialWall: case classWall: //can't move through walls
  { i=0; d=still; } break;
 case classFood: { 
  x=xx; y=yy;                       //set to new coordinates
  b->eat(x,y);                      //eat food at board coordinates
  da->foodeat();              //let gamedata know a food is eaten
  da->scorepluss(FOODSCORE);        //increase the score
 } break;
 case classSuperFood: { 
  x=xx; y=yy;                       //set to new coordinates
  b->eat(x,y);                      //eat superfood at board coordinates
  st=super;                         //set status to super
  supertime=SUPERTIME;              //set supertime, too 
 } break; 
 case classBlank: { 
  x=xx; y=yy;                       //set to new coordinates
 } break;
// case BonusLife: { x=xx; y=yy; b->eat(x,y); } break;
// case BonusPoint: { x=xx; y=yy; b->eat(x,y); } break;
 default: /*printf("caseerror\n");*/ break;
return i;   //this i is returned: it is whether pacman moved or not.

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