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#ifndef __pacman_h_ 
#define __pacman_h_

typedef enum {dead,normal,super} stat;

class Pacman : public Moveables {
G_Pacman *g;            //pointer to the pacman graphic element
stat st;          //what't it's state: dead, normal or super
int supertime;          //the remaning time pacman is super
direction d,try_d;      //what direction is it going, what direction was tried


int getsupertime();           //get the remaning time pacman is super
void start();                 //reset pacman
int is_dead();                //is pacman dead?
void die(Gamedata*);          //let pacman die a life
Pacman();               //constructon
~Pacman();              //destructor
void draw(void);        //specific draw for pacman
int go(direction,Gamedata*);  //what direction to try to move pacman
void getxy(int*,int*);
typ is_a(void) {return classPacman;}    
int is_super(void);           //is pacman super?
GID_TYPE getgid();  


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