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#ifdef UNIX
 static struct timeval *tp1,*tp2;         //current and previous time 
 static struct tms *tmsp;                 //time struct
 static double tot_tid;                   //time diffenence
 static  clock_t cl;                      //clock time
 static int toTid;                        //time

#elif defined MSWIN
 static DWORD *tp1,*tp2;                  //current and previous time
 static double tot_tid;                   //time diffenence

#ifdef UNIX      
//write a such struct
void printtp(struct timeval tp) {                     
#ifdef XWIN
 printf("%d s %d u\n",tp.tv_sec,tp.tv_usec);                              
//write a tms
void printtms(struct tms t) {                                   
#ifdef XWIN
 double k=.016666666;                                                 
 printf("%f usr, %f sys\n",k*t.tms_utime,k*t.tms_stime);
 printf("%f usr, %f sys : children\n",k*t.tms_cutime,k*t.tms_cstime);
#ifdef UNIX  
 //difference between two times 
 double difftime(struct timeval tp1,struct timeval tp2) {                   
 long a,b;                                                            
 if (b<0) { a--; b+= 1000000; }
 return (b*0.000001)+a;                              

#elif defined MSWIN
double difftime(DWORD tp1,DWORD tp2) {    //difference between two times
 return (tp1-tp2)*0.001;
void timingstart() {                //initialize timing
#ifdef UNIX       
tp1=new timeval;                    //allocate structures
tp2=new timeval;               
tmsp=new tms;           
gettimeofday(tp1,NULL);                   //get the time                
#elif defined MSWIN          
tp1=new DWORD;                      //allocate structures
tp2=new DWORD;
*tp1=GetCurrentTime();              //get the time

// ----------------

void timing(int super){             //do timing/synchronization

super++;                      //divisor
if (!super) pacexit("super zero");  //if would then be division be zero
do {
#ifdef UNIX
 gettimeofday(tp2,NULL);            //get the time now
#elif defined MSWIN
 *tp2=GetCurrentTime();             //get the time now
 tot_tid=difftime(*tp2,*tp1);       //compute difference between moments
 if (tot_tid<(0.25/super))          //if time interval not yet used up
#ifdef UNIX
 sleep(0);                    //sleep
#elif MSWIN
 MSG msg;     
 if (PeekMessage(&msg, NULL, NULL, NULL,PM_NOREMOVE))       //if there is msg
  if (GetMessage(&msg, NULL, NULL, NULL)) {           //if message got 
   TranslateMessage(&msg);                      //else tranlate and
   DispatchMessage(&msg);                       //dispatch the message
 ;                            //nothing
//if mswin::peek/getmessage                                   
} while (tot_tid<(0.25/super));           //while time interval not used up
//printf("The end. : %f\n",tot_tid);    
#ifdef UNIX
cl=times(tmsp);               //get the time
//printf("%d \n",cl);                                                    

*tp1=*tp2;                          //current time will be previous time


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