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#ifndef __usrinter_h_
#define __usrinter_h_ 


#define WINSTARTX 200
#define WINSTARTY 300

//is the input from mouse or keyboard
typedef enum {Mouse,Keyboard} inp_type;

//here is the graphical id type defined
#ifdef XWIN
#define GID_TYPE Pixmap 
#elif defined MSWIN
#elif defined VTX
#define GID_TYPE char

class UserInterface : public Object {

static UserInterface* _instance;//pointer to the instance of this class

static inp_type in;           //is the input from mouse or keyboard?

static int x,y,               //current mouse coordinates
       last_x,last_y;         //previous mouse coordinates

#ifdef XWIN             //for X-Win only
static Display *mydisplay;    //pointer to display connection
static Window mywindow;       //the window itself
static GC mygc;               //the graphic context
static XEvent myevent;        //an event
static KeySym mykey;          //a key pressed
static XSizeHints myhint;     //hints about sizes in X
static XWMHints mywmhint;     //hints to the X Window Manager
static int myscreen;          //the screen
static unsigned long myforeground,  //foreground and
                 mybackground;      //background colour in window
static Font font;             //font used
static int check(char *,KeySym);    //checks whether certain key is pressed

#elif defined MSWIN           //for MS-Win only
static int quit;        //shall application quit?
static HANDLE my_hInst;       //handle to this instance of the application
static HWND my_hwnd;          //handle to the window itself
static HFONT hfont, hfontOld; //current and previous font
static int MapModePrevious;   //what's the previous mapping mode.
static HANDLE my_hInstance;   //handle to this instance of the application
static HANDLE my_hPrevInstance;     //handle to previous instance of application
static LPSTR my_lpCmdLine;    //command line give
static int my_nCmdShow;       //about showing command?
static BOOL InitApplication(HANDLE);      //initializing the application
static BOOL InitInstance(HANDLE, int);    //init. of this instance of application
static HDC hdcMemory;         //handle to the device context memory
static HBRUSH back;           //the brush for the background colour


UserInterface();        //constructor


static UserInterface* instance(inp_type = Keyboard);
                        //returns the pointer to the instance,
                        //with keyboard as default 
~UserInterface(void);         //destructor

#ifdef XWIN             //for MS-Win only
static Display* getdisplay()  //all those are returning corresponding values
      {return mydisplay;}
static Window getwindow() 
      {return mywindow;}
static int getscreen() 
      {return myscreen;}
static GC getgc() 
      {return mygc;}
static XEvent getevent() 
      {return myevent;}

#elif defined MSWIN           //for MS-Win only
static HANDLE gethInst(void); //all those are returning corresponding values
static HWND gethwnd(void);
static HDC gethdcmem(void);
static HANDLE gethInstance(void);
static HANDLE gethPrevInstance(void);
static LPSTR getlpCmdLine(void);
static int getnCmdShow(void);
static void sethInst(HANDLE); //all those are setting corresponding values
static void sethwnd(HWND); 
static void sethInstance(HANDLE);
static void sethPrevInstance(HANDLE);
static void setlpCmdLine(LPSTR);
static void setnCmdShow(int);
static void start(int,int);   //setting current mouse coordinates and telling
                        //MS-Win to take input from our window
static void do_inp(char);     //processes input from keyboard
static void do_inp(char *);   //processes input from mouse
static void setquit(void);    //set quit true


static direction stick(void); //returns the inputted direction

static void write(int,int,char*);   //write string at x,y
static void write(int,int,long int,int);//write number long int at x,y format z

static int getinput(void);    //return whether quit or not
static void waitsync(void);   //returns when output complete: synchronized
static void setinp(inp_type); //sets the input type


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